Giving Up

Sometimes it’s necessary to give up and let go of stuff.

I’m not talking about giving up on a dream; that’s a subject for a different post.

But just look around you at the amount of clutter in the physical space you call home.

I spent a few days recently doing just that and came across the following millstones around my neck:

  • Clothes I bought in Guam when I was 10Kg heavier.
  • Books I apparently ought to read.
  • Tapes and Video Cassettes I enjoyed years ago.

Since I’ve no intention of putting that much weight back on again voluntarily, why am I hanging on to these clothes?

So, off the best of them go to a thrift shop.
And the rest are recycled.

Same thing with the books.
There are so many wonderful books I haven’t read, yet I’ve no more space in this apartment to store them.

Fair enough.
Out go a ton of books I enjoyed immensely but will never read again.
As well as some I’ve just lost interest in.

And finally to the audio and video tapes. Much as I enjoyed The Shawshank Redemption on video, it’s a long movie and I’ve so many other things I want to do and see and experience.

Bye, Bye Red. It’s get busy living or get busy dying time for me too. Thanks.