Friday Kin 2012-04-06

After a brief three year(!) gap, here’s the latest Friday Kin, the gold, silver and bronze of blog posts I’ve been inspired by recently.

This week’s kin is themed around follow through and why many people don’t or can’t

Gold Medal


Your Problem Isn’t Motivation

Peter Bregman’s post appeared in January’s Harvard Business Review blog and is a good introduction to a subject I’ve discussed here a number of times - that of motivation and follow through.

His key point is summarized well in this quote:

Motivation is in the mind; follow-through is in the practice. Motivation is conceptual; follow-through is practical.

In fact, the solution to a motivation problem is the exact opposite of the solution to a follow through problem. The mind is essential to motivation. But with follow through, it’s the mind that gets in the way.

Peter’s solution to the mind that gets in the way is simple and practical, and well worth the 60 seconds spent reading it.


How to Make a New Year’s Non-Resolution

I’ve been following Daniel Pink’s writings for a while and in this post he features Dr. Kelly McGonigal’s new book, The Willpower Instinct.

I think that willpower alone is definitely overrated as a change-enabler and I’ve have written about tools that can help people with follow through.

So, what’s a non-resolution?

Think of it as a way of paying attention to the consequences of NOT doing something. Curious? It’s a short post; imagine what you might miss by not reading it.


Dangerous Mind Games

Derek tackles the thorny topic of failure and how the perception of mistakes and errors can have devastating consequences on the likely success rate of our own dreams and goals.

A short, punchy read.

Well, that’s it for this edition of Friday kin.

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