Friday Kin. 2009-03-20

Here’s number 4 in the Friday Kin series of blog posts (the last one was back in October.)

Today’s theme is Rebirth - very appropriate for the Vernal Equinox that signifies Spring’s arrival in the N.Hemisphere (and the Tokyo cherry blossoms that are now blooming.)

(Aug 2014 Update: Broken Link)
Duff McDuffee is a Modern Magician - that’s indeed how his bio goes. I discovered his work last year and am now going back for a second look. This is part 2 of his thought-provoking series on deconstructing personal development.

SILVER: Robert Plank $30K Month

Robert Plank is, er, not your average IT guy. I just love his monthly income breakdown for March: Income 30K; Day Job 2.5K 🙂

BRONZE: Jim Horan Accidental Entrepreneur

Jim’s the author of the highly recommended One Page Business Plan and this post, all about Finding your right work, is published on the excellent Future of Work blog.