Friday Kin 2008-10-24

Number 3 in the Friday Kin series of blog posts which have caught my attention out there in the world wide glitter 😉

GOLD: Do It Tomorrow (Chapter One):

This is chapter one from UK-based author and time management coach Mark Foster’s book, Do it Tomorrow (DiT). I read Mark’s first book Get Everything Done and Still Have Time To Play and found it added to my time management strategies.

DiT reflects his latest published thinking and goes on my reading list. Having spent a few hours on his blog last week, I highly recommend the discussion forum where readers can interact with Mark and each other.

SILVER: Chris Mahan On Super Geeks and Management:

Check out Chris Mahan’s reply to a question posed by another blogger I’ve been reading recently, IT Manager Simon Stapleton (who will get his turn on the Friday Kin rostrum once I find a post of his that doesn’t have one of my comments all over it!)

Chris concludes his thoughts with this provocative line:

Geeks self-manage. Traditional management doesn’t work on geeks.

What say you?

BRONZE: Sometimes Creativity Is Not In Your Job Description:

What I really like about mid-life career consultant Cathy Goodwin is she calls it as she sees it. No sugar coating from her on the practicalities of mid-life career planning and (at least, for some of her clients) of easing out of the corporate shackles. Her blog is recommended reading.

Cathy’s post reminds me of a friend who told me about how some senior management folks holding a Town Hall style meeting accidentally restated the corporate mantra (quite truthfully, in my opinion) as Our reputation is our greatest asset. (Instead of, our employees are our greatest asset.)

Keep that sort of thought-speak in mind when you hear sound bytes about encouraging employee creativity.

Can be true, but caveat emptor 😉

Have a great weekend!