Friday Kin 2008-09-19

Here’s the second in an occasional series of Friday Gold wisdom nuggets mined from the web.


Gold: Clash of Titans Denzel Washington The Art of Manliness This post appealed to my sense of fair play and to the power of inspired team work. Check out Denzel Washington’s words to his football charges on the fields of Gettysburg.

(Way back in teen years I was a military history buff and spent many hours reading ACW books and painting hundreds of small metal soldiers, cannons and cavalry in colours of Blue and Gray. Oh happy days!)

I haven’t explored the rest of this site but it’s on my manly list of interesting topics.

Silver: [12 rules for Self leadership Rosa Say] (August 2014 Update: Site down?)
I recently came across Rosa Say’s blog and this post stands out as a great launch pad for anyone exploring their career options and possibilities. There’s certainly room here for experimenting with one of the rules each week and in three months you would have them all covered and maybe built considerable momentum.

For those actively pusuing a career change, I also like that you don’t have to &burn your bridges in one full cycle; you could incorporate some or all of these rules (I like guidelines, even though I did write a post about my own just five rules recently!) at an off-the-radar level i.e. do what you are comfortable with and see how it goes after a month or two.

Rules 8 and 11 light a fuse for me so let’s see what happens over the coming months working with these two in mind.

Also check out Rosa’s Flickr page from her blog; I so want to go back and run along some of those beaches! (But need to get out before 6am because when the Hawaiian sun meets my pale but sweating Irish skin, I come out in the most agonizingly itchy heat rash!! May have to make do with a short break in Guam, much closer to Japan and thus no time difference.)

Bronze: Humor Power Anyone who can turn humor into a wonderful career path gets my attention. Check out John Hinde’s About Me link and notice how his speaking skills and professional experience are artfully backlit with humor and magic! (Maybe I’ve got Norwegian joke genes in me too as I really chuckled over the tagline below his home page photo.)