Fifteen and Forgiveness in Action!

Well, I can truthfully report that Al Secunda’s 15-Second Principle works for me, in the form of using it to finally release the audio interview I did with him some weeks ago now.

Ever the latent perfectionist, I soon noticed the urge to do anything but publish the d^%n thing!

Such as:

  • editing it with Audacity software’s bag of tricks.

  • waiting for a written transcript to be produced (on hold, I ditched that one).

  • thinking about releasing it on CD.

  • planning to release a workbook simultaneously!

La-di-da-dee-da! Just look at those four procrastinating verbs I saddled myself with!

At that rate you would be lucky to have access to it before March 2009!! Fortunately, I applied 15 and forgiveness in the form of about fifteen minutes each night (I’m tired after work at the moment) for about a week and here it is.

Maybe not a 100% perfect audio production but good enough.

(2020-05 update: add audio link here.)

For a background post on Al Secunda’s work and how to apply some of it to career change and personal transformation, start with this post on taking mini-actions.

I then used some public accountability to get the actual interview done, as shown by the DoTo&* list item I described in this time management post.

I’d also recommend you to go straight to the source and get Al’s book on The 15-Second Principle