Email Subscribers 48 Hour Special Has Started

(Oct 2011 Update: this product is no longer available for general sale and the itcareerengineer site has been discontinued.)

The 48 hour order link for the IT Career Engineer’s Special CD Video report is now available to anyone already subscribed to my email blog announcement list.

You can never be certain of Internet email delivery these days but in theory, my email service provider will send all subscribers a message at 7am New York time on Thursday 17th January.

Interested subscribers should therefore look out for an email containing the order link.

The special product price is US$ 10.

The manufacturer’s handling charge is $3.

Airmail shipping charge is between $2 in the US up to about $5 elsewhere. (I paid $4.50 to have the CD shipped to Japan as a test and it arrived within 10 days using the standard air mail option.)

That means you’ll pay between $15 to $20, depending on where you are in the world.

Note, as IT Professionals might expect, I have outsourced manufacturing, sales and order fulfillment plus customer service for this product to Kunaki llc. is a US-based company and will handle these areas.

You can find out more about the product by clicking this link: IT Career Engineer.

(I know not everyone reading this is interested in IT Mentoring reports. But similar procedures will exist for the new goals, coaching and mentoring products and services coming your way.)