Drinking The Quit Your Job Kool-Aid

Sell the sizzle, not the steak. Some readers may know of this famous phrase from the world of sales and marketing, attributed to the master American salesman of the 1930s, Elmer Wheeler.

It precisely summarizes how advertisers appeal to human nature; they sell through the senses (hmm, steak smells good!) and to our emotional triggers.

Of course they are not just faceless ad executives.

With varying degrees of ability and success, we do this whenever influence and persuasion are required in our daily lives. Think performance review time or even finding a mate. 😉

Another example is the quit your job and work at home lifestyle often aimed at people fed up with working for the (wo)man.

On the face of it the idea seems wonderful; kick back, fire your tyrant boss and work from home in your pajamas. Take vacations when you want. Goof off till noon etc.

Yes sir, that’s one mouthwatering sizzle folks imagine they’ll be chewing on.

The reality is usually very different. Very, very few will aim for the moon, overshoot and hit the stars their first time at bat. These are the ones you’ll hear and read about.

But for the majority it’s likely to be a sobering case of:

When opportunity knocks, it comes dressed in overalls and looks like hard work.

Be Prepared!

Four years ago the debt-fueled housing/economic boom in US, UK and other countries drove a rising tide lifts all boats belief in the seemingly endless ability of stock, property and the good times to keep on rolling.

Even career change was seen as something folks could drop into and out of again. Plenty of jobs out there.

Spring 2009 paints a different picture of increasing job losses, wage deflation and of firms hunkering down for even tougher times.

So, with my career coaching hat on, think very carefully before leaving a well-paying (mortgage, food-on-the-table, daily living) job for the uncertainties of &working from home.

But do consider starting a part-time business on the side, especially if you think you might be getting a pink slip before long.

Obviously, I can&‘t advise you on the risk/reward of your particular situation but I do believe it’s worth learning from people who are successfully doing what I want to do.

One such person is the freelance writer, Nick Usborne. As well as sharing great articles on his site(s) he’s also released a free, 21-page guide on the popular Scribd document sharing site: Are You Ready To Quit Your Job - Nick Usborne

Are You Really Ready To Quit Your Job And Work From Home?

Nick Usborne quit job

Nick’s been doing exactly that for over 25 years: check him out.