Don’t Stink, and Get Slimmer

At this time of year many people at least think about making resolutions and setting goals. Slimmer, healthier, happier, wealthier: these are four of the popular themes.

Some even get to making plans and taking action.
And in the weeks ahead, progress will be made, and results seen.

But, eventually as motivation begins to falter and everyday reality intrudes, a curious and unsettling thought will present itself:

Willpower alone is (usually) NOT enough.

Clinical psychologist, Steve Levinson, came to this conclusion some years ago when he realized a possible connection between habits, behavioral change and goal achievement.

I wrote about this in a post titled, How To Follow Through On Habit Change Using Hidden Vibrations.

What attracted me to Steve’s ‘habit change’ product, the Motivaider, was not only its simplicity but the fact that it relieves the conscious mind of wasting energy on trying to keep the goal or intention (literally) in mind.

One of the most effective strategies for getting the results you want is free: it’s called willpower leveraging.

There are many examples of this technique but my current favorite is of the guy who wanted to work out regularly but found he couldn’t make it a habit that stuck.

The solution?

Devilishly simple. He removed all body deodorant from his house and kept a supply only in the gym locker!

Don’t stink, was sufficient ‘motivation’ to at least get him to a physical location where he could get fitter – and smell well too, at the end of the workout.

Can you think of how this approach might help you keep to this year’s goals?