Do Cherry Blossoms Change Career?

For the first time ever in Japan, I went to view the cherry blossoms at a famous spot with my Japanese relatives. We took a bus and several trains (this is Tokyo, so public transport usually works as planned), stopped for some delicious okonomiyaki in Ikebukuro, and eventually joined the large crowds at Chidorigafuchi.

Sakura Blossom

This was an evening visit (the photo above is from near our house a few years ago) and there were marshals with megaphones politely urging the crowds along. The trees were floodlit and so their white blossoms contrasted brilliantly with the night sky and the greenery around the imposing moat.

I dislike being in the midst of large crowds but, fortified by a nice meal and a few beers, I was able to enjoy the experience.

(In years past, we had a number of family o-hanami parties at my in-laws; where delicious home-made food, pleasantly warm weather, and a private view into the cherry blossoms of an adjoining Japanese cemetery, made for some magical afternoons.)

Throughout Tokyo, this past week has been perfect for viewing the sakura trees. However, such splendor is short-lived and already the ground is being covered by a white carpet of petals. Hanami matsuri is a special time of year for many Japanese; not just because Spring has now visibly arrived, but also because most companies and schools start their new year in April.

There is a sense of both beginning anew and yet continuing as before. And in the Sakura’s passing moments (and they are literally that) we can see life’s rhythm of birth and death in just a few, short days.

Now that I think of it, anticipation of exactly when the trees will be in full bloom in each part of Japan is part of the fun. Even the weather forecasters play their part by earnestly predicting when the cherry blossom front will makes its way from south to north of the long Japanese archipelago.

Viewed from a self-coaching perspective, the cherry blossom helps me understand how the desire to change careers is often counter-balanced by a need to stay rooted._

What if career change is made but success is short-lived?

What if it’s not really career change they want but just variety to the spice of life?

Questions, so many questions. Do cherry blossoms change career?