Defrosting Frozen Fantasies With Al Secunda. The 15-Second Principle

Yesterday’s post referenced my all time favorite book on slipping past the (sometimes well intentioned) procrastination giant.

It’s subtitled: Short, Simple Steps To Achieving Long-Term Goals, and is available on

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I’ve read and lent Al Secunda’s book out so many times that the pages are coming apart! And he’s such a great storyteller that you may find his messages strolling the corridors of your mind and even taking up residence, if you’ll but open the door.


Here are 5 key concepts I got just from the first 3 chapters of the book.

To make it a wee bit more of a challenge please fill in the blanks (my suggested answers will be included with tomorrow’s post.

  1. For many people their biggest - remain - and -.

  2. Al’s purpose is to help people - with their goal and keep - to - it.

  3. Unexplored - can leave a - in your - .

  4. The premise of the 15-second principle is that either you don’t really - about your dream goal or you are - to death of it!

  5. If it’s not - stop - it.

What hass any of this got to do with successful career change?

Perhaps everything!

You see, our biggest dreams can remain frozen fantasies throughout life - mere blocks of unsculpted (n)ice thoughts

Or, with attention and effort, they can start to take on form and meaning.

Either way, the ice will melt.

I want to discuss this further in tomorrow’s post.


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