30-Day Accountability Update

The 30-day accountability experiment has finished on a high note for me.

I went the entire month of June without wasting time in aimless surfing during the weekday evenings. In addition, not a single drop of alcohol passed my lips.

And so that Guinness I enjoyed on Thu 1 July was all the sweeter for being well-earned!

Aside from the productive time gained each week, an extra 10 hours, it was also gratifying to know that a new habit can be programmed in about a month or so with the aid of spotlighting, and some degree of public commitment.

How Personal Accountability Helps To Enable Desired Behavior

(However, your mileage may vary as there’s some research evidence out there, the link escapes me just now, that suggests people who make their goals public tend to underachieve. Oh dear! All I can say is, it depends!)

By the way, this time around I did not use the MotivAider gizmo to automatically remind me of my intention.

I suspect that the (almost) daily comments I added to the 3-day accountability blog post acted as their own reminder and helped keep things on track. It was all rather effortless (after the first few days!)

To your habitual success!