Dave Fowler Is Teaching His Children Well

For a while now, Dave Fowler’s Work At Home Dad blog, teachmychildrenwell, has been on my personal blog roll list.

Here’s a guy that took leave of absence from a steady, secure job (law enforcement; he’s a UK policeman), in order to make a go of being a work-at-home dad;.

Dave’s writing presented occasional snapshots of how caring for four young, demanding children plus going hell-for-leather into the world of blogging ultimately did not compute.

Blogging can be a major time sink and sometimes family members do get tired of seeing only the back of your head, day after day. (Unless, of course, digital money is being made, in which case you may get extra tea and chocolate biscuits delivered to your very mousepad!)

After some serious thinking about not just his own future, but also that of his family, Dave has recently decided to return to his old job. He’s also taking a break from blogging.

From knowing almost nothing about blogs and the online world, Dave’s come a long way in a matter of months, as both the design and content of his blog attest to.

At this time (March 09) his writing is still online; so if you’ve got a young family and are looking at making mid-career changes, stop by and check out what he has to say.

All the best, Dave! (And I still think you have some great writing to come. Give it time, man. Give it time.)

PS: I will be replacing Dave’s blog with one that is still being updated. Nothing personal, just taking care of business. (as decathlete Daley Thompson used to say!)
But I will leave the link in this post (unless the blog goes offline.)