Customer Feedback Is Priceless!

Bill Machi at rose to the challenge of giving feedback about this blog and after thinking over what he had to say there are two changes on the way.

Change One:

Separate out church and state; sorry, just my mischievous sense of humour. I meant to write, create a dedicated career coaching/consulting site and keep the blog for the personal world view of Mark McClure.

As most of my career coaching clients have been via word of mouth referral I’d put off building the coaching-specific website.

Change Two:

The current tag line at the top of this blog is:

Career Change, Personal Renewal and Mid-Life Professionals

Well, that accurately describes ME but I wonder how appropriate it is for my target market?

Yes, I do have a target market I want to reach via the web (especially this blog) but haven’t done a particularly stellar job of identifying and contacting them so far.

The tag’s subconscious message would appear to be aimed at mid-life professionals (those who have career paths rather than jobs; an oxymoron if ever there was one) who are thinking about how to change careers and also how to reinvent themselves personally.

The problem I see with that is most of my clients have not been so much interested in career change or personal renewal :-).

They’re in IT, mostly male (mid 30s and up) and looking for help and advice with workload, time management (always a favourite!), quality of life issues, and dealing with politically charged workplaces.

Yes, some are transitioning out of IT, but slowly, unless pushed!
So, I’ve come up with these 3 choices as possible new blog tags:

  • Mid-Life Career Coaching and Consulting For IT Professionals

  • Career Strategy and Tactics For Mid-Life IT Professionals

  • Career Strategy and Tactics for Mid-Life Professionals

What do you think?

Too long, too short, just right?

Prefer the current one?