Career Coaching Lessons From The Apprentice

How valuable has education been to your career success?

Kind of a loaded question, eh?!

Reminds me of what Tony Robbins (the personal development guru) is reputed to have said when queried on his lack of formal qualifications:

I have a Ph.D. - a Ph.D. in Results.

How disarming! I love it!

Anyway, I happened to come across UK-based Duncan Brodie’s coaching site

Duncan’s focus is on developing the management and leadership capabilities of both organizations and individuals.

And in the site above he has a fascinating mp3 download of a teleseminar he participated, in featuring some of the contestants on the US-edition of the Reality TV show, The Apprentice.

The highlight of the whole interview for me was this one-liner from a gentleman named Troy (I didn’t catch the surname, sorry) who appeared on season #1 of that show.

He said this in relation to education and what he has learned from the perspective of running a small business in the US Mid-West:

Some people paid tuition. I paid attention.

Wow!! That hit me like a mental ton of bricks.

Wake up!! Wake Up!!
Each and every minute’s a golden opportunity to pay attention.

This quote’s going to be with me every course I take, every book I read, every audio I listen to, every person I meet.

(Move over, Sting. I gotta new song for ya lol!)