Coaches-in-Japan Web Site Now Live

I’m pleased to announce that our coachesinjapan web site is now live.

The idea of having a place in cyberspace for Japan-based coaches has been bouncing around my cranium for a while.

It probably would have stayed in neural orbit but for the positive effects of meeting up and talking with other coaches here.

coaches in japan

The next steps for this project are:

  • Get more Japan-based, ICA-trained coaches on board.

  • Add a stream of articles based around a coaching in Japan theme.

  • Start spreading the word._

  • Enjoy a celebration dinner. (Coaches love celebrating!)

As you might imagine, there’s a very large and vibrant Japanese coaching environment, in what is still the World’s second-largest economy.

However, we’re not trying to compete with the native Japanese coaching world.

Instead, our focus is on serving people interested in working with ICA-trained coaches who have had experience of living and working in this wonderful country.
In many cases these coaches are likely to be foreigners in Japan, though we do have at least one Japanese ICA student who has attended our events.

The more, the merrier!

(Aug. 2014: I closed this site a while ago to concentrate on other projects.)