Supporting CIO Simon Stapleton. October Cancer Fundraising Drive

While my blog devotes a fair amount of time to creating self-initiated and desired changes in life and career, you’ve probably experienced that sometimes stuff just happens.

Simon Stapleton CIO Cancer Charity Fundraising"

UK-based Simon Stapleton knows all about planned and unplanned changes as a successful IT Manager and a cancer survivor.

I’ve spent some time on his blog because I feel he has a lot to teach and not just because I want to win the $20 for this month’s top contributor 😉 (Wow! Some ROI if I count my total word count or the time spent on coming up with semi-intelligent comments lol!)

As a mid-career coach I love to help people with planned personal renewal and also with choosing how to respond when career curve balls and tough choices come a-calling.

In Simon’s case, I’ve nothing to teach and everything to learn. That’s one reason why I’ll be participating in the cancer fundraising efforts he’s running until the end of this month.

You can help too by:

  1. Donating directly to the cancer research charity and then letting Simon know how much (so he can see if he’s beaten his target.)

  2. Posting some relevant comments on his blog, and Simon will donate per comment.

To those that can spare the time and some cash (however small) thank you in advance.

PS: Let Simon know that you want the photo with the full Harrison Ford look 😉

PPS:Simon: I nicked your photo, mate! All in a good cause. Thanks 😉