Chance Favours The Prepared Mind: Louis Pasteur

And for those who spell it differently:

Chance Favors The Prepared Mind. 😉

I’ve always loved that line attributed to the French scientist, Louis Pasteur; he of pasteurized milk and rabies vaccination fame.

So what exactly is a prepared mind?
Well, here’s an example of one half prepare.

Having coded and launched my new web content writing site a few weeks back, I was shocked to discover my contact page looked like this on Monday morning:

contact mark firefox

The image on the left is with FireFox. On the right is with Internet Explorer (6).

Duh! Bye-Bye!
There go 50% of the visitors to that contact page (stats say around 47% are using Internet explorer browsers.)

And the only reason I checked was because of problems on Sunday with this blog and Internet Explorer. The widget code on the right hand column was screwed up and displaying annoying bullet points everywhere.

Anyway, the contact info image is now displaying correctly after I added the width and height pixel sizes to the html code. I must’ve forgot to do so at the time because this is what it looked like beforehand:

Contact mark html

Lessons Learned?

  1. Ass-umptions are for tripping over! I knew I’d checked some of the web pages but had no system for recording that I’d checked each page after a change was made.

  2. Being half-prepared was better than nothing but what chances were thrown away because I’d reduced the odds of potential clients making contact (First impressions count.)

  3. Systems Rock! If I’ve learned anything from years in business, it’s that documented, checked and audited systems work! (It’s not rocket science; simple enough to work will do for starters.)

Followup Questions:

Is chance favo( )ring u?

What % of opportunities are passing you by?

Where and what are your systems for a prepared mind in career, business and life?