Career Vision Discovery. Special Offer

(Oct 2011 Update: The CD is no longer available for general purchase.)

You know how some potential career changers stay stuck within fearful imaginary scenarios, and then use that imagined fear to avoid taking action,

with the result that nothing much changes.

Well, if that sounds like you, and you want to do something about it then here’s a special offer that can help.


I’ve developed a home study course on CD which takes you from Vision to Roles to Goals in a couple of hours.

The premise is simple; you can put all your goals on a one page map.

Free Career Vision Discovery Session: Now this course is being sold for $50 (plus package & shipping of around $10) and has everything you need to get started.

But to provide even more value I’m going to include a free 25 minute Career Vision Discover session (using Skype or Internet messenger or phone) if you purchase the CD this week.

(This 25 minute session is worth at least another $60 at my current hourly rates.)

Once you order the course, I’ll contact you on the email address you provide on the order form within 48 hours.

We’ll then arrange a suitable time and date to do the Discovery session.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed I&‘m so confident this process can work for you that in the event of you not being completely satisfied with the CD and the coaching session, I’ll refund your $50 if you have a PayPal account. (Or a $50 Amazon gift voucher, if you don’t have PayPal).

And you can keep the CD.

Best wishes for (re)discovering your Career Vision.