Career Shifters – Get Excited About Your Work

career shifters

I’ve been visiting the UK-based Career Shifters UK for some months now.

I highly recommend this site if you’re looking for real life stories and inspiration (and yes, problems too) from people at various stages of career change.

Naturally, there’s a UK-theme to it but also lots of generic information for anyone in the midst of reevaluating what form they want their working life to take.

I’m particularly fascinated by their Shift Surgeries where established UK career coaches respond to readers job change queries, rather like a Dear Abby relationship newspaper column but without the hectoring or the journalistic sensationalism of an agony aunt.

In fact, if you’re new to career coaches and what they do, you’ll get a sample of coaching’s non-judgmental, supportive and challenging characteristics by just reading their replies.

(Disclaimer: Yours truly comments there as an ordinary visitor;not as a shift surgery coach.)

Career Shifters also hold regular workshops in central London.

Remember that support and inspiration from those who’ve already done (or are doing) what you want to do can be so very, very helpful.