(Career) Management Tips And The 1-3-6 Exercise

I recently discovered the management wisdom work of Nick McCormick and am looking forward to reading his book, Lead Well and Prosper.

In the meantime, I checked out Nick’s interesting six-minute management tips podcast with Dan Coughlin, intriguingly titled The 1-3-6-Exercise. (2018 Jan Update: Link appears be to be broken.)

And although the focus of Nick’s site is on management, after listening I was struck by how relevant this 1-3-6 exercise is to almost any personal or career growth plan.

The kicker to Dan’s exercise is that the six component took me beyond the (often valid) let’s roll approach to goal setting and action taking. Much as I love to do that (and encourage my coaching clients in similar endeavours) we remain mortal and timebound creatures of creativity and habit 😉

I’m going to apply this exercise in a specific business category of my life over at least the next month and I’ll write a future post on what happens. I also encourage you to test it out and let me know how you get on.

(And I will definitely be adding this one to my coaching toolkit. Kudos to Dan, and to Nick for bringing it to my attention).

For those who prefer the written word check out an article on The 1-3-6 Exercise from management consultant Dan Coughlin’s site (see Use the 1-3-6 Exercise, Association of Home-Based Women Entrepreneurs).
(Aug. 2014 update: cannot locate this article on Dan’s site.)