Career Games Worth Playing

I gave my life to be the person I am today. Was it worth it?

Richard Bach, from his book, One.

An intriguing aspect of career change coaching is that while my primary role is one of service, I find that I am often challenged personally by the very same questions that my clients are dealing with.

Take, for instance, Richard Bach&‘s question at the start of this post; one I ought to contemplate further over a pint of the dark stuff (Guinness.)

However, right now (early February) I’m taking a train to the Tokyo office of a global recruitment company.
And in an hour or so I expect to sign a six-months contract as an internetworking engineer with a financial services firm; no, not the same one I parted company with last year!

If all goes well, this will be my first experience as a contractor, having spent 20 years in permie land.
And also an opportunity to live out the be your own boss in corp city mindset I describe in the IT Career Engineer’s video course. (Oct 2011 Update: No longer available for general purchase.)

What brought this about were 3 things:

  1. It’s time to top up cash reserves.

  2. A chance conversation with a Kiwi IT contractor I know and like.

  3. A desire to honour what I continue to enjoy - the pursuit of excellence.

The Kiwi had just finished a year long contract in Japan and was about to start a 3-month stint in warmer climes. After that? He’s not sure yet but his mindset kinda fits the Location Independent Professionals I wrote about here before.

So, let’s rewrite Richard’s words to better reflect this present career game:

I live my life today knowing who I am tomorrow and yesterday both think it’s worth it.

Time, Ladies and Gentlemen, Time.

PS This blog and the online aspects of my business will continue as before. I will however temporarily restrict the number of e-coaching clients to manageable numbers.