Career Change Worries - Sleep on it!

Have you ever woken up after a good night’s sleep, refreshed and ready to go, aware you’d some kind of wonderful dream but not recalling the details?

Me too. It’s a great feeling, isn’t it.

Kindly spare a thought for people who are less fortunate and have to, for one reason or another, depend on pills to help them sleep.

All too frequency this dependency on the magic pill can become a psychological and even physical addiction.

One man who has thought about this a lot is a career changer I’ve admired from afar.

He’s Dr. Martin Russell who is, in his own words, “A medical doctor turned counselor”.

And he’s started a one man crusade to change the world, or at least the part that has trouble sleeping.

I’ve watched the 3 online videos and was impressed (as a layman) with his clear explanations of addiction, tolerance and withdrawal. His simple solution is also very elegant and it’ll be interesting to see what results he gets from making it freely available.

If you’re interested then go check it out at

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