Career Change Email Coaching. An Update

After beta-testing my career change coaching by email service I’ve decided to replace the email part with a secure and private 1-to-1 forum. (Oct 2011 Update: I no longer offer private coaching by email.)


Two reasons:

  1. Lost Emails:
    All too often, legitimate Internet email gets lost due to ISP sp#m filtering. Since I want to reliably communicate with my paying clients (and vice versa), that level of service is just unacceptable.

  2. Continuity of Thought:
    Emails to-and-fro (between client and coach) can quickly turn into long, unwieldy threads, that people then have to store somewhere in their email folders.

And who hasn’t lost emails by accidentally deleting or storing them in the wrong folders?

What the email coaching beta test revealed was the need for a private and secure online storage area where client and coach can read and respond to each others messages and questions.

I believe I’ve found an ideal and cost effective solution which can make e-coaching a virtual walk in the park.

And I’m planning to release this solution as a 48-hour special to my blog email subscriber list - probably on 1st May or sooner.

So, if you want a month of e-coaching at 70% off the price when the 48 hour special ends, then make sure you sign up.