Career Anchors Update #1

I paid my money and took the online career anchors test I mentioned in this post:

It took about 15 minutes to complete and was in multiple-choice format.

Here are my top 3 anchors as reported by the test:

  1. Entrepreneurial Creativity
  2. Life Style
  3. Autonomy / Independence

And here were my top 3 from a few years back while in paid employment.

  1. Life Style
  2. Sense of Service / Dedication To a Cause
  3. Technical / Functional Competence

The test results were included as part of a 6 page PDF report.

I also downloaded a 72 page workbook written by Prof. Schein that goes into additional detail on career anchors and their relationship with career development and the characteristics of jobs that attract or are a good match for our top anchor(s).

Since I’m now running a business, I will put completing this workbook on my own training and development plan; most likely to be done between Christmas and start of Japanese New Year Holidays.

And if I think there is interesting and useful material to share with you, then I’ll do so in a future blog update.

In the meantime, it’s back to focusing on the two primary activities of this business: sales and marketing.

Have you worked out what’s on offer yet?