Brain Read: 4 Speculative Fiction Short Stories

Brain Read: 4 Speculative Fiction Short Stories

Yes, I know, I didn’t make the January publication date. (Note to self: first, release the book and then make the announcements.)

Have some strong black coffee before reading these spec-fic shorts with a dash of horror. Anyhow, ‘Brain Read‘ is now out in the ebook world. And a bargain on the Zon at just 99 cents, or equivalent in ex-US locations. (I will be releasing it wide on other major platforms real soon.)

I didn’t set out to write horror.

The premise behind each of the four stories is that memory, imagination, and lived experiences are no longer intangible ‘structures’ in the brain/mind; they have electrochemical signatures that neuroscientists are able to poke, prod and measure.

So, in a similar manner to how we can edit, copy and remix computer software and its many digital inputs and outputs, what if we could do the same with the workplaces and romper rooms of the human mind?

The gore (actually, it’s not graphic blow-for-blow stuff, but there are some violent scenes) appeared when the protagonists in three of the stories got themselves into such a mess that the only rational outcomes turned out to be violent.

Oh well. Live and learn…or not, as the case may be.

And to make matters worse, at least one of these tales has the closest thing I’ve seen to an unreliable narrator since Agatha Christie pulled a fast one on her readers 😉

Enjoy. Go here to learn more: (And if you do pick up a copy, reviews from readers like you help others to discover my work.)