Book Notes and Comments from Derek Sivers

One of the great things about books and is reading comments left by other readers who’ve taken the time to post thoughtful feedback!

However, since I don’t know these people I usually feel somewhat detached from their opinions and recommendations.

That’s why I’m very impressed with what entrepreneur Derek Sivers (former owner of has done on his personal site.

derek sivers

I spent some time checking out his selection and reading through the notes put together for each book.

If you don’t know much about Derek Sivers, look over his blog. He’s had one heck of an adventure in life and business.

I’m always interested to know what successful people like Derek are reading but I also appreciate how he’s shared his experiences (think roller coaster!) and learning in the blog. I can almost sense why some of those books are on his list!

And the one I most want to read?

The Talent Code, by Daniel Coyle.

How about you?