Blog Comments Made Easier

Blog Comment Posting Update:

I’ve been manually approving all comments to this blog and while it makes sure that the sp#m is not published, the downside is the delay in publishing legitimate comments (as I typically only check once a day.)

Your comments will now be automatically published on this blog as long as you have:

  • at least 1 comment approved and published (this helps discourage the drive-by spammers).

  • no more than 2 web links (url) within any 1 comment.

Naturally, the aim is to encourage more comment and dialogue around successful career change, coaching and mentoring with my blog readers.

That being said, please note I reserve the right to remove and delete comments at my sole discretion. (e.g. comments containing profanity or what I or my legal advisers consider to be inappropriate.)

I’m currently using Akismet to catch most of the spam, so let’s see how this new policy goes.

(If you have any problem posting comments you can leave a message via my contact page.