Big Six: Short Story Collection News

I took a week off from writing and reading to recharge the life support batteries and am now ready to word surge again!

This post follows up from the previous one (short shortstory #14), in which I also mentioned putting together a short story collection from what I’ve written for this challenge.

In fact, I may put together more than one, as not everything I’m writing fits into a neat sci-fi genre box.

But to start with, I will be choosing six short stories (only three are written at the moment!) and putting them in a collection called Big Six.

These are science fiction tales set at various times during what many scientists are calling the Anthropocene extinction, the sixth mass extinction of life on Earth now underway, and accelerated by the activities of a global super-predator species we know as Homo sapiens.

I should note that the life scientists seem to be convinced this mass extinction is happening. However, some/many geologists/stratigraphers still have issues with attaching labels which, if I understand their concerns, depends on relevant physical evidence in the rock layers, and that requires time, a lot of time.

Anyhow, this collection of short stories posits that the worst is already underway and explores how humans (or at least the ones with the power and resources) might use genetic engineering and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to ensure the survival of the species in the form of their own genes and information awareness.

I plan to release the Big Six collection on the major eBook sites.

Subscribe to my email list if you want to get the special launch price. The collection is scheduled to be published this summer and I will fix a date once the remaining three stories make it out of my head!