Big Six Launches

Time for a brief update before end-of-year holiday mayhem is upon us once more. It’s also the pending end of the 21st Century’s second decade! Wow, where did all the bloody time go?

Short Story Challenge Update

Most of my free time this year went into the 52 short stories in 52 weeks challenge. Alas, I got about 2/3 of the way there, finishing with a total of 31 stories on 8th October.

While I hate to miss a goal, I did get 31 stories further than ever before haha. So, I’ll take that as a kind of a win. In fact, I am continuing to write short stories on a weekly basis and will complete the remaining twenty-one at my own pace. Let’s hope I finish before the third decade rolls over.

I will (probably) not do any more individual posts about these stories but will still be updating the short story challenge page at

Big Six Short Story Collection Launches

Another good thing (for me, at any rate) that came from attempting this challenge was in indie-publishing six of the short stories as a collection.

The idea first germinated back in March (see this post for the background ) and then poked its way through the mostly fertile soil of my imagination and into reality this week.

The big win was to get something out there that I enjoyed writing and to share it with potential readers. Check it out here:

What I am Writing

Next up is a ‘reader magnet’ – a novella-length work that I plan to share with SF readers who sign up for my list. Speaking of which, I will be simplifying the current sign-up box (too many choices) and making the home page more relevant. Stay tuned.

What I am Reading

In short, I’m reading a ton of short Sci-Fi fiction anthologies and some creative non-fiction for an online class that begins January, 2020. It’s a lot of fun and also awe-inspiring to see how good these writers really are.

Where to find me

Apart from reading and commenting on my posts at this blog, you can also follow me on Twitter and at my FaceBook writer’s page.

Twitter is a weird critter; a firehose of posts with almost no chance to interact with any of them. Not sure how long I will bother with it, he says, having joined seven years ago wide-eyed and innocent.

FaceBook, apart from mining and selling its users’ data, operates on a pay-to-play basis as far as getting my posts there seen.

At the moment, I am not paying so they are not playing and my humble posts get buried alive and left to rot haha. Perhaps when I get some reader / fan traction I will start a FaceBook group. Stop by and like the page or leave a comment.

I’m also active in a private writer’s group for speculative fiction writers with a Northern Ireland connection and hanging onto that connection by my digital fingerprints!

The Otherworlds NI writers have a public FaceBook page at

We also have a blog. See my blog post about C S Lewis and his Irish connections here: