Banking On Recovery?

There’s been some talk in the UK media about green shoots of recovery.
(Or, recovereh?; as skeptics refer to it.)

However, I suspect attempts to relight unchecked, over-leveraged F-I-R-Es (Finance, Insurance, Real Estate) will only further scorch whatever productive economic ground these seeds are trying to sprout from.

My 10 yen’s on a banking system that returns to safer and sensible lending.

How long that&‘ll take I’ve no idea but we could make a bl##dy good start by showing the Dave Allen comedy sketch about UK high streen banking in the 1980s (it might be You Tube) in place of all party political broadcasts and most real estate commercials.

You watch this video at your own risk. Repeated viewings make it likely you’ll develop signs of prudent and responsible behaviour patterns when it comes to borrowing and lending money.

Dave was an Irish comedian / raconteur and a wonderful observer of the human condition to screw up magnificently. I’m sure he’d have a field day with our present day bubble-blowing shenanigans.

He died in 2005 but his legacy lives on.