Back In The Dry Life Again

Day 1 in a large air-conditioned office and I soon recall why my thirst has returned; the temperature’s showing north of 22C.

Now that may be optimal for most everyone else but I’ve just come from winter months in my north-facing home office where it was between 13-17C depending on time of day.

Wearing fingerless gloves, 3 upper layers of clothes (including a North Cape fleece) and 2 pairs of socks, kept me warm as toast.

(And I could always nip into our small sun trap of a garden if I wanted to soak up some rays.)

But I definitely didn’t feel the need to drink as much water while working from home.

Maybe newly firing neurons are drying out that damp sponge in my cranium?

Ah! The train’s just arrived deep underneath my company’s building; very convenient, whatever the weather.

So I’ll end this post now and make time for a drink of cool mountain spring water!