Are Three Blogging Silos Enough?

3 Blogging Silos

I’ve just finished reading Hugh Howey’s smash Indie hit, Wool Omnibus Edition.

Counting this blog, my commercial writing blog, and a self-coaching book blog, I’ve now three identity silos in which to play around in.

I’m comfortable in the first two but the third still feels a little like another one of the surviving 50 that Hugh’s lead character, Juliette, might eventually explore if the series develops as I expect.

I just need to don my writer’s suit and crank that baby out into the world.

Samuraiwriter is doing what digital samurais do these days, I guess: polish his craft and look for daimyo clients to hook up with for a hefty retainer (just kidding, I’m worth every Yen!)

No, the identity crisis is right here in a writing silo we cyberspaciens (made that one up) call a blog.

This blog,, will be five years old at the end of November.
My, does time whiz by when exploring a writer’s equivalent of &silo 17 i.e. now mostly deserted but with comments indicating a once vibrant past.

It needs either a new lease of life or a full on cleaning.

To be honest, I’m reluctant to go down the path of pen names, and blogs for pen names etc. It’s a lot of work to maintain any illusion of privacy these days.

Most likely, just as the down deep folks did, I’ll make my writing stand here and link out to whatever fiction eventually surfaces from the flooded depths. I think it makes sense for interested readers to be able to also peek into a career change journey that is now adding non-fiction and fiction to the creative mix.

Some of the menus and categories may change. And I’ll probably add a decent header image. So, yes, three blogs seem to be about right for the writing silos I frequent at the moment.

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