All I want for Christmas is a Winter Writing Wonderland

It’s been a wet October here in Tokyo but now that the typhoon season is finished I’m hoping for a pleasant, warmer November before winter’s cold winds make their appearance in late December.

This year my writing goals morphed from those of publishing works to spending a significant amount of private self-study time on writing craft and storytelling issues.

Yes, I’m afraid that my planned release of The Zelkova Sphere has been delayed (yet again!) until late January 2018. I’m sorry about this but it’s unavoidable. I have forty or so scenes mapped out and a good idea of how the story will proceed. That process took far longer than expected.

One important writing lesson I learned in 2017 was that there is never a perfect time to write. Well, sometimes there are blocks of time that do remain protected and undisturbed, allowing the writer to work quietly and efficiently.

However, real-life continues with its demands and attractions, and the net result is that writing time gets compressed into making do with snippets and snatches here and there. For example, I might get five or ten minutes on the train. Maybe another fifteen minutes at lunchtime. And then there are a few longer intervals in the evenings, although I’m sometimes too tired to make creative use of them. The upshot is it’s better to write two or three sentences than to not even start because that 1000 words per day goal can’t be met.


On the reading front I decided to treat myself to a print subscription of the Asimov’s science fiction magazine. The stories look wonderful and I’m hoping to not only enjoy reading them but to also learn a lot more about short story composition.

Finally, please feel free to subscribe to my email list. There aren’t many subscribers to date, so you will be joining a very exclusive club ha ha!

I published three short newsletters to that small list this year and I think that four per year is about the ideal run rate. I know that many book marketers encourage authors to reach out to their audience on a more frequent basis, but I don’t see my newsletter fitting into that profile.

Anyway, I also make use of other social media platforms to stay in touch with both authors and readers e.g. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Check out my contact page if you want to follow me on those services.