About that CEO Performance Appraisal Email

Did you watch this video?

I assume none of my readers have ever sent such a career limiting email!

I’m certainly not encouraging it in any situation where you are still performing an employee role.

But I do recommend you send it in one particular case - when you are the CEO that I speak of.

So, if you did show up at 3pm each day, what might happen?

To find out, I recommend that all career experience owners complete this 5 minute drill:

Recall 3 learning experiences you had today.
Just notice - avoid judging them.

For example, here are three I can recall from Friday 14 December:

  • AM; Manually backed up websites and SQL databases.
  • Lunch; Went for a run in the park and felt great.
  • PM; Wrote 2 blog posts in 60 minutes.

I use a software tool called Infoselect to record what I am doing while at the computer but paper and pencil will work just as well.

And what did I learn from that quick review? (Your mileage may vary.)

  • Manual backup is fine for now but next step is to fully automate and/or autosource this.
  • I love running outside in the daytime.
  • Future posting is a fantastic WordPress feature for an Internet Business based on freedom.

While comments remain open on this post, feel free to share your own daily performance appraisal and what you learned from it.

And don’t let your CEO off the hook, OK!